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Newton Pipe industry

Manufacturer of hdpe pipe, hdpe fitting & u pvc pipe

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The Newton Pipe Industry has been showing rapid growth since past several years and the major reasons for the growth of this industry is increasing demand for pipes.

Newton Pipe Industry

Pipes have been in use for thousands of years. The need for pipe is has remained the same but pipe material has evolved through the centuries, from bamboo and reeds through to clay and wood. Since the industrial revolution, materials such as steel, ductile iron, plastic and concrete have been used. Since the 1950s, advances in technology have led to pipes being manufactured using fiberglass and other composites as a core material and used by a wide range of sectors. Demand for composite pipe continues to rise due to the ever-increasing need for energy and water resources. Pipes are our planet’s arteries and veins, carrying water, sewage, power, oil and gas. Today’s pipe market is estimated to grow at 6.5% annually through to 2019 and demand for fiberglass continues to outpace traditional pipe material.

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